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October 22 2011

On October 14th, right on time with the protests on the 15th, the wonderful Epizentrum was established as a new social centre & squat here in Vienna. Your's truly couldn't help but contribute a quickly assembled stencil, easily identifiable through the shared font. But why stop there? Yesterday the Lastenradkollektiv had their Solifest at Epizentrum, and since G.R.L. Vienna is largely defunct/on permanent hiatus, the Mobile Broadcast Unit was not properly maintained in years - it was time for the utility tricycle to find a new loving home with a self-organised collective. I'm glad to have contributed it to their already wonderful roster!

And now we're on a roll! Why not do a revival of the old projects we deemed boring after 3 years of too much repetition? Well, sure! Like all those years ago, we quickly gathered some good old friends to show Vienna some more of that bloated freedom of speech project ...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful night. It was good to return to a lost love for some time.
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July 10 2010

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December 18 2009

Rest in Pixels

"Did you meet Florian Hufsky yet?" "No, who?" "He's hanging out here every weekend, he's interesting, you should talk to him". I spotted him due to his slight Carinthian accent. His reaction to how I was introduced to him when he wasn't there seemed surprised, distrustful yet flattered - an ambivalence that never left his personality. His backcatalog was impressive - his view of the world intuitive - his understanding of enthusiasm intrinsic - his ways so unknowingly charming. Trying to bring memories of him into a coherent form is about as futile as to ask him to please restrict his constant stream of output to just one field - he was all over the place. Organising protests, writing webapplications, drawing cute characters, putting up stickers, hijacking reputable art organisations, spraying stencils, receiving inquiries from the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Saftey Authority, finding new ways to enjoy sleep deprivation, saying "fuck" on live TV repeatedly, but most importantly infecting large crowds of people with his immense amount of joy.

I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for him.

Florian Hufsky was a prototyper in every way. I couldn't wait to see
version 1.0.


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August 31 2009

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G.R.L.'s big subvision nationality confusion presenting "CAUSE WE DON'T CARE", appropriately titled by an anonymous contributor. 9!
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March 10 2009

The Powerthief, an alternative powersourcer for those wanting to bring their electronic equipment to use outside.

For a description of how to build one for yourself, see the this instructable.
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August 19 2008

July 18 2008

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The Last HOPE at Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City will see a clash of 3 G.R.L.'s cells 3, Utah, Vienna and Amsterdam, presenting new technology, and epic call-ins. Saturday, Midnight at Hopper - drop by!

July 07 2008

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The Austrians invade New York.

Show at Alphabeta, 70 Greenpoint Av, Brooklyn, NYC!
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June 24 2008

Ye Ol' Gee-Ar-El has not been sleeping. Don't worry, we've been working hard to extend our weapons-of-mass-defacement-arsenal.

August. Want it too?
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March 13 2008

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Recently at Sundance Film Festival, now in Vienna:

Graffiti Research Lab: The Complete First Season. Our mothercell, G.R.L. NYC, put together unreleased footage and an unknown amount of material that violates more copyrights than you can shake a stick at, to create a complete history of how all of this madness came about.

If you wondered what/who the hell G.R.L. really is, and why we go on to create tools, software, gadgets to put it into the public domain, you get the chance to see and hear it all on

Friday, 14th of March 8pm at Raum D / MuseumsQuartier Wien

Right after, Drip Sessions 2.0 will be open to contributions while targeting the Borg Cube once again. So come help make it a drippy mess!

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March 03 2008

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G.R.L. Vienna and INOPERAbLE have been busy creating new tools and software for the lovely analog equivalent of lasertagging, Drip Sessions, now 2.0, which will be premiered at the Zeit Punkt Lesen Lesefest. So bring on your drippy markers and come to the Kloster UND, Undstraße 6, 3504 Krems/Stein on March 8th.

Software and howto released shortly after!

February 27 2008

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We've settled. After abusing the MuseumsQuartier Wien for the public good without permission, our efforts have surprisingly been welcomed in this massive institution, that is slowly but surely being infiltrated with conspiring agents in support of the people. Come visit us and our trojan horse at *.mqw / Raum D, almost 0-24h:

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January 11 2008

We put back the Chaos in 24C3
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January 04 2008

Paint over your government buildings with private robot parts!
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December 30 2007

24C3, thanks for kicking ass. Most awesome footage coming up ASAP and next week on Make!

Thanks a lot to Justus for the photo!
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December 29 2007

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This evening, ~11pm, watch the building on the very right of this picture. Bring creativity ;)

December 25 2007

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G.R.L. Vienna will go full steam ahead towards Berlin, to visit the 24C3, and get some action going there. On our todo list: possibly a workshop on an upcoming project (to do with chemicals) and lasertagging (as always). If you're in Berlin, get in touch for some funky collaboration! Specific dates announced as soon as we know them :)

December 21 2007

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Thanks for coming by! Please send pics! (We only got a video, to be published soon on the Make Podcast)

Note: Depicted chicken curtesty of Hendl. Also: Lasertagging in winter means hands made of icecubes. Epic fail. Tuco!!!
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My fellow Viennese sleepers, you're hereby invited to help celebrate our moving into the Quarter for Digital Culture by hijacking the awesome 8x12 pixel Subotron streetart vernissage to do some lasertagging on the MUMOK (again). We start at 8pm, at Subotron. And we have a kickass flyer!

 G.R.L. Weihnachten Oida

November 30 2007

Play fullscreen
Our Laser Marker in Enschede - first public use not by us, as far as we know. Rock on!
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